A Hunting We Will Go….

North Carolina’s 2021 hunting seasons are right around the corner! Dove season opens September 4th and Youth Deer Hunting season opens September 25th (you can follow the link at the end of this post, for full details on NC’s hunting seasons throughout the year). As part of our effort to promote gun safety and education we have invited the The NC Wildlife Resource Commission to hold hunter and boating education classes in our training center. You can find all of the upcoming dates and link to register, listed under the “Other training Events” on the training section of our website. Heritage Guns has a great selection of shotguns, rifles, and ammo to meet all of your hunting needs. If we don’t have what you are looking for, let us know! If it’s available, we’d be happy to order it for you! Hunting Seasons and Limits (ncwildlife.org)

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