We at Heritage Guns would like to clear up some confusion that has recently come to our attention. While we buy, sell, and trade guns for/with our customers, we are not a pawn shop. We operate similarly, with one major difference. We do not nor can we legally loan money in exchange for guns or other collateral. When we purchase a gun, it is processed with a bill of sale with the intent that we will then sell it to recover the money we paid. If you decide to sell it through us as a consignment we have paperwork for that as well that clearly states the price you would like to sell it for and the least you will accept. Also clearly defined is our commission once the gun sells (10% of the sale price). When it comes to trading, we only trade firearms toward other firearms. Rarely is it an even trade, but again everything is clearly stated and a bill of sale is filled out for the gun being traded into our store, once an agreement has been reached. We hope that this clears up any confusion. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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